After we receive your drawing and work up your free estimate. We can recommend suitable stone or engineered stone to best suit your project. If you choose to use natural stone we have a list of the best stone resources in the Bay area where you can view and select slabs.
If engineered stone is your choice, we carry a large variety of the latest materials and options and can order it for you.
If you are unsure of what you want or need where raw material is concerned, you can see a comparison of Natural vs Engineered Stone by clicking here.



If you choose to use True Stone, one of our templaters will come to your jobsite and make a custom template for your project area. At this time they will also consult with you on certain design choices such as overhangs, corner radius sizes, and edge options. After templates have been made and we have received your stone from our suppliers we will make an appointment for you to come to our shop and do a template layout. The purpose of a template layout is to allow you to customize what areas of the stone slab will be used for the different pieces of you project. We do this so that you can choose what organic details of the stone appear on different aspects of your project. This is just one more thing we do to help make sure you are happy with you stone work.

Once everything has been approved your stone is cut based on your positioning of the templates on the slab.


Within two to three weeks after we make a template, we will contact you and make an appointment to install. The time required for install will vary according to the scope of the project.  Our installers are professionals, they will respect your home and leave the jobsite in a beautiful state.



Click here to download our pdf regarding cleaning, sealing and maintaining your stone.