We know that you want to have beautiful home with minimal impact on the environment!

We offer many green products for your project. At True Stone, we do all that we can to make our production process as environmentally sensitive and clean as possible.

Currently, there are a lot of options available in quartz stone and solid surface materials that are both high performance and eco friendly. Combine these with the eco conscious and sustainable cabinetry from Timeless Kitchens, our partner company and you will have beauty, durability and environmentally sound result.

Many of the newest products in the quartz stone and stone alternative categories have increased performance benefits over natural stone. Many green materials are less porous, can withstand heat better, and resist scratches and stains. With their wide range of color possibilities, many of which are not available in natural stone customers can truly customize their project and realize their dream project.

Stone Alternative options:






Eco by Cosentino




Vetrazzo is a man made material that is 85% recycled glass in a cement medium. A LEED certified option, Vetrazzo uses 100% recycled glass, even some glass that couldn't have been recycled by other means. Vetrazzo offers many different color choices for all different styles and designs.

Vetrazzo is made here in the bay area in an environmentally friendly facility that consumes a large amount of post-consumer and post-industrial glass. The use of this glass to make countertop surfaces reduces the amount of glass that goes through energy intensive glass recycling processes or worse, the landfill. The use of glass allows Vetrazzo to make many different and unique color combinations and patterns, some of witch are limited editions due to limited amounts of specific types of glass. Each slab of Vetrazzo is unique and there are many different colors and sizes of glass available and the binder is available in either white or petina (dark). Vetrazzo also offers a great warranty to ensure that customers are happy with their choice and that every Vetrazzo surface is of the highest quality.

True Stone has had many satisfied Vetrazzo customers and True Stone is a certified Vetrazzo fabricator. If you'd like to look at the different varieties of Vetrazzo you can visit their Richmond factory to pick the perfect slab for your project. If you would like more information about Vetrazzo you can visit their website or you can send us an email.



Icestone durable surfaces are made from 100% recycled glass and concrete to make a highly durable concrete surface. Icestone is both durable and sustainable and recently received the "Cradle to Cradle" certification from MBDC. Icestone is VOC free and its chemical composition is benign and non-toxic. If you are working towards a LEED certified project, this is a great option.

Icestone durable surfaces are strong like granite, less porous than marble and heat resistant like stone. Icestone is also available in a wide variety of particulate and binder colors, so it's easy to find something that suits your project, and it can be used anywhere you would use natural stone. Icestone can be used for countertops, vanities, shower curbs, walls, flooring or any other surface in you your house.  Visit the Icestone website or you can send us an email.

True Stone is a certified Icestone fabricator.



Ecocem is made of what is known as Ground Granulated Blastfurnace Slag and Gypsum. One of the benefits of this material is that one of its major components is a by-product of another large scale commercial process. Thus a beautiful countertop can be made from what would normally pollute the environment as waste. Ecocem is more workable, flexible, and durable than many other materials natural and engineered alike.



Lavastone is volcanic rock from lava flows around the world. The volcanic rock is coated with a kiln fired, enamel glaze. Most Lavastone is manufactured to order so glaze type and colors can be customized as well as slab size. Lavastone is chemical agent resistant so it is ideal for kitchens or other areas where natural stone, specifically marble, may become damaged. Lavastone is a natural material yet it performs more like an engineered material.



Richlite is a paper based material that has been used in many other applications. One such application are skateboarding ramps, so durability isn't a question! Richlite is made from paper and resin baked and pressed together to form sheets similar to slabs of granite. Richlite is stain, heat, and scratch resistant, it is also less porous so it inhibits the growth of bacteria.



Alkemi is an SCS certified material that also receives LEED credits that is composed post industrial flake aluminum scrap waste. When recycled in a conventional manner this material creates a large amount of toxins. Alkemi reuses this material and incorporates it into a stylish surface that leaves no hazardous footprint. Not only is Alkemi good for the environment, but it is great for any room of your home. Alkemi is strong, durable and unique and it offers a wonderful, sustainable alternative to many other commercial options.


Eco by Cosentino

Eco by Cosentino  is made up of 75% recycled content composed of post industrial or post consumer materials and is bounkd by environmentally friendly resin which comes in part from corn oil.  Eco by Cosentino offers a variety of other engineered stone products.  Cosentino is:  high performance against stains and scratches, non porous and does not require sealers, available in 63 x 128 in both polished and textured finish.  This environmentally friendly resin utilized in the creation of ECO by Cosentino comes in part from corn oil.